The Spirit of Developing Interests and Talents The new school year is certainly accompanied by a new spirit. Even in the list of places to develop students’ interests and talents, the school has something new. Do we all know about it?
Let’s take a peek at the new spirit!

Starting with the extracurricular demo which aims to start a new spirit for extracurricular organizers as a forum for developing students’ interests and talents. All students saw various performances of the coaches’ expertise in their respective fields. It is hoped that after seeing the extracurricular demo activities, students can choose the type of activity that suits their interests and talents.

Types of Extracurricular

Grade 1 - 2

Edu-Art, Percussion, Batik Crafting, Tahfidz, Zumba Kids, Karate Kids, Taekwondo, Pencak Silat, Tahfidz, Wushu, Swimming, Archery and English Club

Grade 3 - 6

Public Speaking, Coding, Photography, Pencak Silat, Karate Kids, Tahfidz, Wushu, Swimming, English Club, Futsal, Robotic, Edu-Art, Basket, Cinematography, Ensemble String, Vocal, Taekwondo, Science Club, and Archery.