RUHIYAH KAJIAN RAMADAN Oleh: Ust. Dayat Indra Hidayat, M.Pd. In today’s modern era, most humans idolize other humans. Not a few of us listen to young people who idolize K-pop, […]


Oleh: Ust. Dayat Indra Hidayat, M.Pd.

In today’s modern era, most humans idolize other humans. Not a few of us listen to young people who idolize K-pop, Korean artists. They want to be like Korean artists whose skin is white, flawless, hair is blonde, and so on. In the end, everything was imitated, hair, skin, imitated too, and even the clothes were also imitated. Today’s young people can be seen by wearing skirts that are not ordinary skirts, but mini skirts 10 cm from the knee up, clothes 10 cm from the shoulders down. Men follow the western style, wearing pants should be neat, looking stunning in wearing cloth pants, instead they are cut to shreds at the knees. This is done simply because they want to imitate the western style. It is not worthy of imitation. Actually, for Muslims, there is someone who deserves to be emulated, namely the Prophet Muhammad

If we claim to have faith in the Apostles and Rasulullah saw, take the example of Rasulullah saw. Imitate how the Prophet Muhammad lived. As we know, the guideline for human life is the Koran and the best implementation of the Koran is the Prophet Muhammad. Until the Prophet said the Koran is running. The walking Koran isn’t it
meaning that the Messenger of Allah carried the Koran everywhere, but the Messenger of Allah is referred to as the walking Al-Quran because of the morals of the Prophet, the daily life of the Prophet, the personality of the Prophet, and the habits of the Prophet. If we want to be recognized as the people of the Prophet Muhammad, it is not enough just to admit it. So, imitate the Prophet as Uswatun Hasanah, a good example that we should make figures in our daily lives.

The Messenger of Allah is the same as us humans, born from a mother’s womb, eats and drinks just like us, but what distinguishes us from the Messenger of Allah is his faith and morals. Therefore, in the Qur’an the Prophet Muhammad had great morals, not only Mahmudah or not only Kalimah but Alim. The Prophet was in the most sublime morals. How do we imitate the morals of the Prophet? One of them we have to know Rasulullah saw. Where was the Prophet Muhammad born? Where is the Prophet buried? where did Rasulullah emigrate? When did the Prophet left his father and mother? We need to know these things.

Starting from 571 AD Rasulullah SAW was born, then 575 AD Rasulullah SAW was abandoned by his beloved mother, 579 AD Rasulullah SAW was abandoned by his beloved grandfather. Then, the Prophet was raised by his uncle, there the Prophet studied from trading, science, and so on. Then in 610 AD when the Prophet was 39 years old and turned 40, he finally received a revelation from Allah SWT. appointed as a prophet and apostle. It doesn’t just stop there. Until 619 AD the Prophet was abandoned by his beloved wife, namely Khodijah, then his beloved uncle also left him. This year is known as the year of sorrow. Well, this is the beginning of the background of the Isra Miraj in 619 AD. Allah tried to comfort the Prophet and by giving orders to make a journey, the event was called Isra Miraj. Time goes by Rasulullah saw through year after year until the year 622 AD coincides with 1 Hijriyah.

In 1 Hijriyah Rasulullah saw emigrated from Mecca to Medina then in the first year Rasulullah saw built a mosque, namely the Nabawi Mosque. Then in the second year of Hijriah, Rasulullah saw received a revelation from Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala Al-Quran surah Al-Baqarah verse 183, namely the command to fast. Year after year, year three, year four, year five, until year 11 Hijriyah Rasulullah SAW left the world, he left us all with husnul khotimah, directly to Allah SWT. with the promise of getting to the highest heaven.

That is a brief description of the journey of the Prophet. Hopefully we, as the next generation, hope that religion, nation and state can follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad. Start from the smallest things, such as the Prophet’s eating style, eating while sitting, eating with the right hand, reading prayers before and after eating, etc. God willing, when we imitate the Prophet in the sphere of life, we will be judged as worship by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. saw a good role model.


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